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Sea Shepherd Campaigns

  1.  Operation Bloody Fjords in the Faroe Islands: Documenting and exposing the Grindadráp (locally known as a grind). Hunts of 667 long fined pilot whales and 1248 Atlantic white-sided dolphins have taken place in 2021 alone. It is time for a change. Sea Shepherd is calling on the Faroe Islands' government to do the right thing and ban this outdated and cruel practice. Now YOU CAN HELP, by being part of the global movement and taking action today. See more here:  #STOPTHEGRIND

  2. We operate four RHIBs around the UK - Ghost, Phantom, Shadow and Siren on patrols and campaign actions.

  3. We manage and support a team of technical divers on Sea Shepherd UK’s Ghostnet campaign who are removing lost and discarded nets and other fishing gear from UK coastal waters.

  4. We fund equipment used to clean beaches and recycle or dispose of recovered items on our ongoing Marine Debris Campaign, and

  5. Sea Shepherd UK carries out investigations around the UK into the killing of marine wildlife or destruction of coastal habitats

(registered charity no.1110501)

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