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Our Story


Annabel is the founder and creator of Spritzy Limited, a London based skincare brand specialising in natural luxury products, which she launched in Notting Hill.


Annabel suffered an extreme skin reaction 10 years ago which she healed through a lengthy exploration of pure plant extracts. It was this need for an ‘inside out’ natural approach which allowed her to combine skills from her food industry background, natural skin care diploma and experience as a company director in Spritzy’s creation. These eco-conscious luxurious formulations contain hand selected botanicals and are packaged in re-fillable glass bottles designed by her husband Omar. The sweet smelling 70% organic Blue Tansy Hand Cleanser has become a cult lock down hit - making sanitising hands on the go a holistic and sensory experience. 


Spritzy believes in natural ingredients and sustainable growth. Their core ethos is to be part of the necessary shift towards more sustainable, environmentally friendly products. Clean skincare isn’t just about what we put on our skin but also how it impacts our natural environment, using glass bottles and offering refills is just part of the Spritzy Skincare journey.

At Spritzy we combine our passion for health and well being, with our love of design, whilst being mindful of the planet.

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